Cordyceps 500 mg - 60 Tabs

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HAYA LABS Cordyceps is a food supplement which contains extract from the Cordyceps Sinensis fungus which is renowned in traditional Chinese medicine for its qualities. It increases durability during physical activity, stimulates the immune system and has a beneficial impact on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.


Increases durability
A potent immunostimulant
Helps the respiratory system
Strengthens the cardiovascular system
Improves the functioning of the liver
Has a beneficial effect on the kidneys
Has a strong cleansing effect
 Boosts the energy
Decreases the cholesterol level
Has a potent anti-inflammatory effect

Cordyceps Sinensis improves the functioning of the liver, kidneys and lungs, helps in the detoxication of the organism and eliminates the damages from free radical cells.

HAYA LABS Cordyceps increases the cellular energy production, improves the oxygen transport in the organism and reduces the bad cholesterol levels. Cordyceps Sinensis improves the blood qualities, has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and acts as a natural antibiotic. This fungus has a potent anti-carcinogenic effect as well as a beneficial impact on anxiety and depression and it can also improve the sexual function.

One dose: 2 tablets

Recommended dose: 1 dose daily

Container Size: 30

Recommendations: Do not exceed the daily recommended dose!


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Cordyceps 500 mg - 60 Tabs

Cordyceps 500 mg - 60 Tabs