Betaine HCL 650mg - 90 Tabs.

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HAYA LABS Betaine HCL is a food supplement, containing form of betaine with an improved assimilation that supports the health and functioning of immune system, by increasing the natural production of stomach acid and stimulating the absorption of nutrients.


  • Source of stomach acid
  • Alleviates stomach discomfort
  • Neutralizes blowing and gases
  • Supports utilization of Vitamins
  • Enhances detoxification
Betaine hydrochloride is an acid form of betain, natural source of hydrochloric, gastric acid. It is necessary compound for the process of digestion, as it stimulates the degradation and utilization of nutrients. Betaine hydrochloride improves digestion, by rising up the amount of digestive juices, regulates the concentration of beneficial bacteria, and stimulates the fermentation processes in the stomach. It reduces the stomach discomfort, neutralizes the blowing and gases, and takes part in the building of enzyme pepsin, which supports the degradation and utilization of proteins. In this way, the active substance improves protein synthesis and contributes to the muscle growth.
Betaine hydrochloride is extremely important for the detoxification of the human organism. It protects the cells from dehydration and helps for preservation of the whole body. Furthermore, this component plays a role in some amino-acid reactions and maintains the health and functioning of kidneys, liver, and heart.
Recommended daily intake: take 1 tablet up to 4 times a day, during or after meals.
For proper digestion, without discomfort and gases - order HAYA LABS Betaine HCL now!


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Betaine HCL 650mg - 90 Tabs.

Betaine HCL 650mg - 90 Tabs.