Melatonin 5 mg Sustained Realease - 60 Tabs

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Melatonin is a natural hormone, produced by the brain through the pineal gland. Its levels of circulation in the body vary during the day in relation to environmental factors. Melatonin release and synthesis are suppressed by light and stimulated by darkness, suggesting that the element plays an integral role in the circadian rhythm (biochemical, physiological and behavioral processes, based on a 24-hour cycle). hours) in the body.


Stimulates restful sleep.
Powerful antioxidant.
Improves the immune system.
Provides support against depression.
Melatonin is described as a potent penetrating antioxidant, due to its ability to easily cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier. Some studies show that it is able to protect DNA from destruction, caused by carcinogens, as well as heart disease, depression and disorders of the immune system. While scientific evidence continues to reveal the vast amount of its health benefits, melatonin is primarily known for its ability to promote sleep.

As its production is hampered by light and enhanced by darkness, with nocturnal focus, the epiphysis secretes melatonin, which causes feelings of sleepiness and lowers body temperature. Melatonin levels continue to rise, peaking in the middle of the night and gradually declining with the approach of dawn; this effect is known as the melatonin phase response curve (PRC). While melatonin supplementation is an effective natural support for better sleep, if taken in large amounts it could be counterproductive and is capable of destroying CPR; for example, the body can use 1mg more efficiently compared to the 20mg dose.

One dose: 1 tablet.
Recommended use: Take 1 serving 30 minutes before going to bed.
Pack Size: 60


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Melatonin 5 mg Sustained Realease - 60 Tabs

Melatonin 5 mg Sustained Realease - 60 Tabs