Magnesium Gel - 200 ml

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HAYA LABS Magnesium Gel is for external use with high local effectiveness. When applied on the skin, magnesium absorbs easily  The gel alleviates muscle and joint pain quickly and improves the skin, muscles and blood vessels.


  • Restores the magnesium levels
  • Treats skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis
  • Alleviates muscle and joint pain
  • Reduces muscle spasms and relieves the blood vessels
  • Beneficial for people who are training actively
  • Easy to apply

HAYA LABS Magnesium Gel contains magnesium dichloride (MgCL₂), a form found  mainly in the seas, sea-water basins and the sedimentary rocks. The magnesium dichloride is acquired in Northern Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and the Northern sea). Applied externally, the magnesium in HAYA LABS Magnesium Gel has an immediate effect on the injured area. The gel is applied on the skin with circular movements which help the magnesium assimilation. It relieves the pain and has an anti-inflammatory recovery effect.  It also improves the blood circulation of the area it is applied on. Another advantage to the HAYA LABS Magnesium Gel is that it is applied directly on the injured area and it is used predominantly in the treatment of joint and muscle diseases, skin problems and issues with the nervous system, but it can also be applied as a preventive measure to restore the magnesium balance in the organism.

One dose: 2-3 pump actuation

Recommended use: Apply on the skin during showering or at other time. Absorption time takes between 1-2 minutes after which it should be washed away with water. For better absorption apply the gel with smooth circular movements. Unless stated otherwise apply the gel during the daytime.

Container size: 200 ml

Take advantage of HAYA LABS Magnesium Gel’s unique healing powers now!

Recommendations: When in doubt of any allergies to the ingredients have an allergy skin testing.


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Magnesium Gel - 200 ml

Magnesium Gel - 200 ml