Burn calories with Bodystep

Burn calories with Bodystep
Burn calories with Bodystep

BODYSTEP is an energizing step workout, which makes you feel free and alive.The program is base on simple movements on, over, and around a step with an adjustable height and is commonly performed by groups in combination with energetic music. Cardio-training triggers the body systems to achieve a faster and more effective fat burning, followed by a muscle activation session that shapes and tones the body.
BODYSTEP is a suitable, functional program for those who want to increase intensity and thus to achieve drastic results.Within a workout of 55 minutes you can burn around 620 calories.


  • Stimulates fat burning
  • Promotes forming of slender body
  • Increases strength
  • Strengthens body core
  • Improves sport performance
  • Improves coordination
  • Improves bone health and density
  • Increases lung capacity

Each track, included in the program BODYSTEP, isfocused on a specific type of exercise. All together they built one refreshing, full body workout. BODYSTEP covers all fitness levels, as it is possible to control the intensity by adjusting the step height.
The typical BODYSTEP training starts with a warm up, followed by basic movements that show the correct way to perform the steps.
Gradually it begins to increase the intensity and the range of exercises.
After this you have the main part, which will make you sweat by raising the energy and heart beat. After the end of first intensive sessions you have to perform recovery exercises.

This is followed by a funnytrack, and then by a speedy session. The third and last stage will challenge you to reach the limit of your physical abilities by a special combination of steps.
In the end, you take a breath and move to the floor where the program continues with exercises for activation of the upper part of the body and abdomen. The final includes a stretching in order to relax after the intensive workout.
Tip: Start with a lower step and intensity, while the body reaches a good condition, after which you can gradually increase the height and difficulty. Switch one day training with one day off, so you can allow the body to recover.