Chocolates, cakes and ice cream are the small pleasures in life that bring us such joy and delight. The problem is that sugar has become a daily temptation against which many people are powerless. Rather than enjoying a dessert from time to time, people become more and more addicted to the tasty snacks in order to satisfy their sugar cravings. This article offers some tips for dealing with the sugar addiction:
Rich in proteins breakfast
Scientific studies have shown that the consumption of proteins in the morning leads to a reduced craving for sugar during the rest of the day. Protein sources such as yogurt, peanut butter and eggs block the production of hormones which stimulate hunger.

Do not stay hungry
Skipping meals is a guaranteed way to awaken the hunger for sugar. Hunger reduces the sugar levels in the blood and leads to overeating later in the day. Make sure to stick to a strict 5-meals-per-day regime.
Find the hidden sugar
Sugar is hidden in foods you would never even suspect: ketchup, crackers, salad dressings and pasta sauces. Added sugar awakens appetite and makes you beg for more.

Read carefully all product labels.

Improve the taste
Sugar may be sweet, but there are other great ways to improve the taste and aroma of your food. If you have used vanilla for a special recipe or have prepared your tomato salad with fresh basil on top, than you know that spices and herbs also add flavour and aroma to your dishes. And do not forget that spices such as cinnamon and ginger can reduce the sugar cravings.

Choose healthier pleasures
Diverting your attention away from the sweet temptations is an excellent approach. Listen to some music, dance, call a friend, get on that bike, play with the cat, watch a movie or just enjoy your day off.

Calcium and vitamin D
Do you take any vitamins and minerals? Note that several studies have shown that the multivitamin supplements which contain vitamin D and calcium could potentially suppress the hunger and stimulate the weight loss. Multivitamins cannot replace a healthy diet, but they may additionally reduce the hunger and speed up weight loss.

Keep your body hydrated
If the craving for sweet temptations is eating you once again, just ignore it and drink more fluids. Dehydration can increase to a great extent the hunger for sugar and fast foods and it also affects the mood.

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