Spring Refreshment of the Diet?

Spring Refreshment of the Diet?

One of the most important changes that will lead to rapid relief of spring fatigue is the change in daily nutrition.
How and what to change, you will learn from the article. 
1. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices

Although time does not predict a typical sun spring, shops can now find quality fresh fruits and vegetables, "races" in other latitudes. Once you are tired, there is no doubt - it's time for a full week of natural vitamins and minerals. The easiest and most delicious way is to have a great glass of fresh juice before breakfast.

Note: before, not instead! In addition to vitamins and minerals, fruit and vegetable cocktails will give you easy energy to start the day and brave your breakfast (and you need energy).
The best thing is that you will not put off fat from a glass early in the morning, as with your passing in the winter, your metabolism is hurried in this part of the day

2. Shift waking up and breakfast one hour down

The night, as noticed, is now shorter. The biological clock adjusts to early dawn and stimulates appetite from earlier times. This means that the stomach wakes up before you. Instead of working in vain, wake up an hour early and have breakfast. This means pushing back half an hour earlier.

Why with only half?

Faster metabolism in spring offers faster recovery. That is why sleeping more may not be part of the decision of spring fatigue, but part of the problem. Try it out!

3. Pieces of fresh fruit instead of chocolate and sugar in muesli, apple instead of waffle

Refresh your food!

In this case, it means increasing the water volume of breakfast and small meals during the day, giving you more vitamins. Sugars are taken with water and moderately sweet fruits to avoid an insulin jump.

It is a good idea in the next two months to change the whole-grain wafer and muesli prepared with oatmeal cooked with milk and pieces of apples, apricots, pears or even cherries!

Besides the chemical formulas of micro- and macronutrients in the change to fresh food, there is also a psychological moment in which the taste of the fresh fruit is reminiscent of the summer, which we associate with children with rest and happiness.
So, eat as much as you want!

4. Fresh vegetables VS. frozen?

Begin to displace frozen vegetable mixes with fresh vegetables. 

Gradually, turn to spring-summer flavors, where you can find: lettuce, arugula, fresh onion, fresh garlic, and many more. These foods allow you to cook dishes with a slight reduction in the calorie value of the dishes at the expense of higher water content. Often when people feel tired, they are actually dehydrated.

5. Include sprouts and starters in salads

Sprouts are synonymous with plant multivitamin-multi-minerals. In fact, these are some of the few plant products from which you can get a solid amount of free amino acids (bean sprouts, lentils, soybeans).

Alfalfa and broccoli are sometimes richer in vitamins than some soluble multivitamin complexes. Combine 100 grams of nuts, green salads and cold-pressed vegetable oils to maximize the micronutrient cocktail.

6. Replace salt

The winter kitchen is full of a sodium salt.

For this purpose, orient yourself towards balanced salt and avoid consuming semi-finished foods. The winter is over, now is the time to take pickles out of your menu.

7. Diet-free eating?

You must already be wondering what kind of stress? Stressful about digestion here is any activity that detracts from the state of rest during eating.

This includes dining in front of news or watching the popular action, snacking while walking to the stop or while driving, lunch with unpleasant people at the office,
All of this stress disrupts your digestion, leads to a nervous stomach and lack of appetite.

To cope with the situation, you just need to improve your environment during meals.

Here are some suggestions:

• Try to have breakfast with your family or go to work early to have it with a friend.
• Switch off your phone while you are having lunch. When the little devil rings, your cortisol rises.
• If you have a conflict with colleagues in the office, have lunch alone. The little manifestation of egoism, in this case, is healthy.

• Have your afternoon snack in the morning before work. This will fill the calorie gap between lunch and dinner with something useful instead of spinning around the breakfast buffet, struggling with yogurt alone.
• Eat in harmony. Even if you are not with your loved one, shut down the TV. Launch your music. Enjoy the food. The combination of music for the soul and body food, caressing the tongue is extremely relaxing.

• Lastly - if you decide to eat, no matter when, take at least twenty minutes for the purpose. Think, every bite travels for at least 20 seconds on your esophagus, and you need at least 30 seconds to chew it well.

Do not force your nature, ensure your biological comfort, and fatigue will go away!.

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