10 Signs That Healthy Living Has Become a Daily Routine

10 Signs That Healthy Living Has Become a Daily Routine

Walking down the aisle of beauty and health, we mandatory walk through eating.
This is the toughest, although it is the most elementary thing on earth.

We should know how to eat, how to receive more nutrients through food...

Food is easy to find nowadays. We can eat as much as we want daily, it is enough to open the fridge. To imagine that we should find food from the “zero” – to plant, water or hunt.

Definitely, we will reduce food in this case! 

Naturally, there will be cycles through which we eat more – when there is a harvest or a good catch. And cycles in which we reduce food and even starve – when there is no harvest and catch.

We often hear ads for several types of foods. If something is not an ingredient itself, then it is not ok to eat. Nutrition is good for us mainly with food sources - these are foods that are not made from other foods - vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk, seeds, nuts.
We want to show you what “healthy eating lifestyle” means.

Do not worry if you are far away from all written points below. With perseverance and time, it comes to them. It does not happen for weeks or months. It takes years. But what do we do for the rest of our lives?

1. Eat when you are hungry or can – do not think about when you ate or when you should eat. MUST not exist. You eat because you want. Feeding for you is not a whim, but a necessity, like breathing.

2. You eat in the same way on weekdays and on weekends. Not exactly the same foods, but the same amount, with the same desire, the same pleasure of food. Weekends are not rewarding or overeating.

3. You go on holiday and do not eat differently.

You do not think of food more or less.
Holiday means entertainment and relaxation, not overeating. And you do not mind trembling because you do not need it. Food is everywhere and you can eat whenever you want, because you believe in appetite, metabolism, and everything regulates itself.

4. When you are in a new, unpredictable situation, do not crank, but eat the best for the moment.

It does not go out of form for a few days, nor does it get into shape for a few days. You use the case to try and not so good choices and see how you feel. You play as an observer and detective of your own sensations and emotions.
You will meet this with joy and discovery.

5. You know that the feeling of guilt after eating is devastating and you are enjoying yourself if you do not make a good choice of food. You are guided by the 80/20 principle. 80% healthy, 20% other.

6.Never start a change in eating habits on Monday or January 1st. If you feel that it is high time for a change, you make it slow, with confidence and desire and guided by how you feel.

7. Adapt your diet according to how much you have slept last night, trained or rested. Any change in homeostasis affects nutrition. If you are not asleep, you know you will have a bigger appetite because your body needs a break, but it gives you more energy (food). And then you take a break instead of food.

8. Observe how you react to new foods and joyfully experimenting to eat differently. You do not expect with a low heart what will happen. You expect the result with curiosity, and you draw conclusions on what works for you.

9. You do not follow certain rules or diet, but you are only guided by what works for you.

10. You do not enter into disputes "What is the best meal" because there is no such thing. Everything is individual.

Do not worry if none of the above applies to you. 
There will be a time when it will be for you too. Just keep training and make the best choices for yourself!

Do you have anything to add to the above list?.

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